Tuesday Aug. 27 Update

Tuesday morning 0530— Quiet evening in Brookings, fueled and resupplied, ready to head out for Cape Blanco. Our luck seems to be holding as the weather remains calm at least through the afternoon. The front that we were dodging to the north has weakened as predicted with winds down to 15 to 18 off Cape Blanco. We are hoping for a long day today, 230+ miles to Tillamook OR. Jump off point is Newport at 160 miles should Mother Nature decide to kick us off her ocean. More weather activity due in the area late afternoon so we shall see how it goes. At the moment we are just waiting for enough daylight to see our way over the bar here at Brookings. This one can be snotty at times, don’t want to push it. Capt. Chuck

Monday Aug 26

Pulled in late to Eureka, had dinner and called it a good day from San Fran. Weather was beautiful, seas calm and winds were light. We covered well over 225 miles up the coast and bypassed our stop at Fort Bragg. Getting fuel in Eureka was a bit of a challenge, tied up to pilings instead of a dock is always tough. Finally cleared the fuel dock and motored out through the 6 mile channel from Eureka to the open sea, slipped over the bar and headed out to sea. Our plan for today is to leave California behind and run to Brookings Oregon which is only about 80 miles but it puts us in a good spot for Cape Blanco tomorrow and avoids dealing with a strong low pressure front coming through the area this afternoon and evening. High winds and big seas are forecast but Brookings is a good safe place to ride it out and be ready for tomorrow. Capt. Chuck