Wednesday 28th Update

Very long day yesterday, Brookings to Tillamook, well over 220 miles. Arrived in Tillamook after the fuel dock had closed so we are stuck here until we can get the 400+ gallons we need for today. Should be out of here in a bit and plan to push hard like yesterday with a goal of rounding the corner to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Neah Bay. The weather seems cooperative but there are uglies lurking off the coast waiting their turn to come in. If that happens or starts to happen, we will have to duck in to Westport Wa and wait it out. The other factor is daylight. Running on the open ocean at twilight or even early evening is risky but acceptable, there isn’t much out there. However. running the northern Washington coast has a unique risk from logs being flushed out of the Strait. In daylight you can see them pretty good. In darkness they are like a mine field, unseeable and very dangerous. So.. In order to make it to Neah Bay before dark we have to be past Westport by 1:30pm. If not, we pull in and call it a day. Capt. Chuck

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